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szerzõ: BTK | 2008. augusztus 06. 14:36:14

Today, the University of Pécs is the largest and one of the most prominent institutions in Hungary with ten different faculties and over thirty thousand students.

The University is dated back to 1367 when it was established by King Louis as the first Hungarian university. Bishop Ignác Szepessy established the Academy of Pécs for law and humanities in 1833 with an aim to continue the tradition of the medieval university. In 1921 the Hungarian Royal Erzsébet University in Pozsony (Bratislava) was transferred to Pécs. It functioned as a school of humanities until 1941, when it was moved again: this time to Kolozsvár (Cluj). The Faculty of Humanities in its present form was established in 1992 when the former Teacher Training Faculty was reorganised.

The Faculty of Humanities is set up of two related disciplines: humanities and social sciences. Our trainings provide both contemporary academic knowledge and skills; they also add to the reflective and critical thinking of the students and to the development of social, communicative and technical abilities. Our aim is to provide trainings that meet the requirements of the 21st century: flexibility and quality.

The atmosphere of Pécs, with its two thousand years of history and with the growing emphasis on becoming and being university town makes a perfect destination for students to start or continue their higher education. The historical town with its ancient buildings, museums, restaurants and pubs ensure that students can spend their free time in numerus ways.

Hungary’s geographic location with its membership in the European Union (2004) elevates its importance as a bridge between Eastern and Western European countries; and living here provides an excellent international experience for students of all nationalities.


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